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When is it better to use a U-lock than a cable lock?
While cable locks are convenient and easy to use, they are not as secure as U-locks. Therefore, they should be used as a secondary security device in high crime areas or to lock up quick release components and accessories when securing your bike. A U-lock or High Security Chain will always provide a more secure protection.
Do all bicycle locks offer the same amount of security?
Not all locks are created equal. U-locks and heavy duty chains are more secure than cable locks. Some U-locks are more secure than others. Many lock companies try to lower their costs and your protection level by using a smaller inner cable or shackle. They make up for the difference in size by adding more vinyl. Bike-Guard uses the largest inner cable possible while still keeping the outer vinyl cover durable enough to last. Here's a tip; Pick up an 8mm or 12mm lock from another company and weigh it against the equivalent from Bike-Guard. If the other lock is lighter, we can assure you it is not due to space-age materials. It is simply due to the fact that they use less inner cable. Less cable = Less protection.
Do cable locks have an Anti-Theft Protection offer?
Bike-Guard does not offer an anti-theft protection plan for cable locks. Although cables are the popular choice of some cyclists, they offer deterrent protection only. For the best protection of your bike Bike-Guard recommends using a U-lock and cables when securing your bike.
I just purchased a Bike-Guard bicycle U-lock. How do I validate my Anti-Theft Protection offer?
Within 7 days of lock purchase, you must send the following items to Bike-Guard by courier or by registered mail. (You must be able to document the date you submitted your registration in case for some reason we do not receive it). (A) your completed Bike-Guard Lock registration form, (B) a copy of your itemized lock bill of sale, (C) a copy of your bicycle bill of sale, or a dated and signed dealer appraisal reflecting market value, not including accessories, (D) proof of bicycle registration (if available)
I bought a Bike-Guard resettable combination lock and I can't find the instructions for resetting it. What can I do?
You can view or print the instructions to reset these resettable combination locks. View instructions here.
Is there a right way and a wrong way to lock up a bicycle?
The easiest way to lose a bicycle is to not lock it up - even when you are at home! However, when locking up, there are ways to make sure that you are using your lock most effectively. For more information go to Security and Locking Tips.
What is the best way to lock two bikes together when out on the road?
Bike-Guard recommends using a Long Shackle U-lock (which allows room to get both bike frames and wheels inside the shackle) or U-lock and security cable such as the Flexi-Cable. The goal is to make sure that both frames and wheels of thebikes are secured to each other and an immovable object for greatest theft protection. Keep in mind that excess space inside a lock shackle provides more space for a thief to do his dirty work. For this reason, Bike-Guard does not recommend the use of X-long shackle U-locks for single bike use.
What kind of maintenance does my Bike-Guard U-lock or Cable lock require?
To maintain your lock in top working condition, spray or drip a lubricant, commonly found in local bicycle shops, into the locking mechanism. It is critical that the ingredients of the lube include one of these: SILICONE, GRAPHITE, TEFLON or PARAFFIN. Lubing on a monthly basis should repel dust and grime which can cause the lock cylinder to stick.
What happens if I buy a lock and it malfunctions?
At Bike-Guard we take a great deal of effort to ensure that the locks we make are of the highest quality. Should any of our locks stop working due to manufacturer defect, we will replace it for free. Simply take the offending lock into your authorized Bike-Guard dealer and they will inspect and if required, replace it for you.
Do keys ever need to be replaced?
Like everything else, when used frequently, your lock keys can wear out or become damaged. If this happens they won't work properly in the cylinder making it difficult to open your lock. Check your keys for wear and tear at the same time that you lube your lock. Bike-Guard provides 5 keys, so this will not be a problem for you as long as you keep track of your extras.
I want to purchase a set of replacement keys.
Bike-Guard has a larger database of different key combinations than almost any other lock company. This is too large to be able to have replacement keys on hand at all times. For this reason, and also the fact that replacement keys will often cost you as much as your original lock did (or more), we do not offer a replacement key service. We do however offer 5 keys and strongly encourage you to keep the extras stored in a safe place. As we've said before, give one to your Mom for safekeeping!
What locks can be broken with freon or any other freezing materials? How long will it take and how much will it take?
This is one of the most common misconceptions that there is about how to defeat a Bike-Guard lock. We hear many accounts of this type of attack from the Cliff Claven types, yet have never spoken to anyone who has firsthand knowledge of a Bike-Guard lock being broken with a freezing agent. It is just one of those urban myths that is passed from person to person. Freon is a highly controlled, government monitored and very expensive substance that is harder to get than most illegal drugs. That is not to say that freezing will not break a lock, but it would require a very controlled situation. If you get steel cold enough, it does become very brittle, but it is very difficult to make this happen. Even if a thief did figure out a way to do it, the amount he would likely spend on the Freon would exceed the value of many bikes. In other words, don't worry about this one.
What are your cylinders enclosed in?
Our cylinders are housed in a hardened steel case. That is what we mean by "Case Hardened"
What material are your keys made out of?
Our keys are made of plated Tool-Grade CR-V steel.
I am interested in a High security chain, but I am concerned about rust?
All Bike-Guard High security chains are coated with electro-disposition zinc plating. This is among the best performing chain coatings and better for the environment than more common cadmium plating used by most other lock companies. The goal is to make sure that frames and wheels of both bikes are secured to each other and an immovable object for greatest theft protection. Keep in mind that excess space inside a lock shackle provides more space for a thief to do his dirty work. For this reason, Bike-Guard does not recommend the use of X-long shackle U-locks for single bike use.
What is the easiest way to break a lock?
Are you kidding?? We're not going to answer this one. We're here to stop thieves from stealing bikes. Not give them ideas! The only answer we will give is that if you are looking to break a bike lock, you'll have more success with other brands than you will with Bike-Guard!