High Though HIGH-RISK may appeal to some, when the risk refers to areas where you are locking your beloved bicycle, you need the best locks possible. Here they are: stronger than Superman, beefier than the Hulk and more menacing than a Mafia Hit Man sitting on your bicycle. If you are anywhere shady, dodgy or unsavory or just want the best locks money can buy, welcome; these are your locks. 
Medium Straddling the center of the risk-o-verse, this collection of locks was made for those seeking strength in a lock without having to break open their piggy banks to pay for it. They're ideal if you are leaving your bicycle for just a few minutes, locking your ride in a suburban neighborhood with white picket fences, inside your apartment or house or as an addition to one of our locks designed to protect in HIGH RISK areas. These locks put the 'fighter' in crime-fighter.  
Low Putting the ‘Deter’ in Visual-Deterrent, these babies work their cables off to thwart thieves with their menacing good looks. Big locks don’t turn everybody’s cranks so if you’re looking to leave your bike in a highly visible area or lock the easily-removable parts of your bicycle in combination with our HIGH RISK area locks, pick up one or even two of these locks and cables. Like mafia protection without the monthly pay out.